Tedeschi Trucks Band

Susan Tedeschi

“When I finally met Susan at Lockn' 2015, I told her I was aware of her since 1995 from her first album, Just Won’t Burn and I loved her. I told her I wore that sucker out and loved her work and was just thrilled seeing how she and Derek came together. But I’ll tell you right now, when she started singing that John Sebastian song, ‘Darling Be Home Soon’ at the first rehearsal, I started sobbing, just sobbing -- she just killed me. It took me so long to get my composure together. I said, ‘Get a hold of yourself, my man, get your shit together’ … she blew me away. And on that second day of rehearsal when she did ‘With a Little Help’ and she let go with a mind shattering scream, once again I had to regain my composure. She is phenomenal. I adore her forever and Derek, too.”

~ Bobby Jones, Space Choir Alumni

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